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Hi, my name is Novi and I welcome you to my website ZevaMakeUp.Com
Make up is actually a passion of my life, from childhood I liked to see a woman who is able to “enchant” everyone in the room with a unique beauty.And I wish that all women can enjoy the beauty that God has given to us. Quite apart from all the deficiencies that exist in every man, woman remains a beautiful creature.

Of amateur makeup lessons in high school, I set out to travel half the world is to New York – the center of American Beauty (2006). And I decided to seriously pursue the world of make-up which I love. while in school, I try to practice my knowledge, and in fact many people are satisfied with my work. That’s the beginning of my career journey as a make-up artist. With the results of this work, I can finance my life there.

But then for some reason, I had to leave New York. And this time I lived in Singapore (2008), and this opportunity was not wasted kusia. I learned makeup techniques to suit the taste of Asia. And here I also was blessed with a variety of make-up job I had received. I felt I was not working as a make-up artist, but I’m doing my hobby and get paid! What a perfect life …

And once again God’s ways are unpredictable, I had to go back to Indonesia, my beloved homeland. This time I also established myself in Jakarta as a professional makeup artist to explore the tastes of the make-up in Indonesia. I believe there is no limit for us to always learn. And it turns out this is my career racing in Indonesia, I met with people who are usually only seen on TV as well as government officials are respected.

But those who succeed are those who continue to learn, at this time every year I always take my time to go abroad and seek and learn the trends and the latest techniques to make up.

With the provision of expertise makeup of many countries that I have, I’m obsessed with perfect detail, which has been allowing me to touch the faces of famous people while building a career profile.

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